2018-2019 SHIS School Supply List

South Houston Intermediate Supply List

Our campus is practicing a school-wide binder and 1:1 technology system.  Every student is required to have one large binder which can be used to organize documents, handouts, work, supplies and other required materials.  These are the supplies that every student is expected to have at all times.

Campus Supplies

Student tablet ($30.00 fee required--$25 before labor day)

2” binder

8 divider tabs (any style)

1 - 3 hole zipper pouch

Loose leaf notebook paper

Blue or Black Pens / #2 Pencils

Flash drive

Earbuds / Headphones

Lockers are not used on campus. Mesh or clear backpacks are allowed as per PISD policy. 

7th  grade


4 – Composition notebooks

1 – 3 Subject spiral notebook                  

Map pencils       





8th grade

2 – Composition notebooks

2 – Pocket Folder with brads

1 – Pack of graph paper

1 – Pack of 4 AAA batteries

Map pencils




The above listed supplies are required for each student based on grade level.  In addition, some teachers may make small additional requests. These requests will be discussed during the first week of school.


Elective courses will have specialized supply requests. The items necessary for these classes will be determined by course, and a list will be provided at the beginning of the school year.