New Rules for attending Events

SHI Athletics Spectator Plan
Posted on 09/16/2020
Rationale : To allow PISD Intermediate parents an
opportunity to support their student athletes at home
games, South Houston Intermediate will follow the
guidelines below. Every effort will be made to ensure face
coverings are worn and to maintain social distancing.
Failure to wear face coverings or follow any PISD COVID
safety precautions will result in immediate removal.
Football Spectators :
● Spectators will be allowed to attend HOME football games ONLY.
● Spectators will follow social distancing guidelines and stay six feet apart in
their family unit.
● Spectators will sit or stand socially distanced in the end zones.
● Families are welcome to bring chairs or blankets as the bleachers will not
be available.
● ALL spectators must wear a face covering when entering and exiting the
football field and when moving about.
● The student body may not attend games.
● Restrooms will not be available.
Volleyball Spectators:
● Spectators will be allowed to attend division home games only (Sept. 24
and Oct. 8).
● Spectators will follow social distancing guidelines in the gym where their
athlete is playing.
● Bleachers will be marked with available seating areas where spectators
must social distance.
● Face coverings must be worn at all times.
● SHI will issue each student-athlete four badges which will serve as a ticket
to the game. This will ensure the campus remains within capacity limits.
● Every spectator must wear a badge, regardless of age, and enter the
games at the ramp entrance at the athletic hallway ONLY.
● All spectators for indoor athletics will conduct a health self-screening upon
entrance and will have their temperature checked.
● At the conclusion of the B-team game, fans will be asked to vacate the gym
and exit campus.
● A-team spectators will be allowed to enter the gym hallway only when the
B-team game has concluded and the gym has been cleared and
● Restrooms will not be available.
● Spectators may not bring food or drink.